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Credit Key


Instant Buy Now, Pay Later Financing Options

Offer instant Buy Now, Pay Later financing options embedded at Miva checkout for your B2B customers. Allow your B2B customers to buy what they need from you today, and pay Credit Key back over time, at no risk to you.

Company Overview

Credit Key is the only Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution, built specifically for B2B sales and embedded within the Miva eCommerce checkout experience. Trusted by top B2B companies in the US, we enable Miva merchants to offer instant lines of credit at checkout or through a dedicated webpage for your sales reps or with point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Credit Key grows Miva merchant revenues by driving a meaningful lift in average order value, order frequencies and customer acquisition. Your small-to-medium business customers buy what they need to operate their business today, and pay Credit Key back over time. There is no risk to you, Credit Key takes on all the risk of the loan and collecting payments.

Key Features

  • Embedded Payment Option Drive more digital sales by embedding Credit Key as a payment option at Miva checkout, alongside other payment methods like ACH, Credit Cards, etc...SMBs buy more and more frequently when they use Credit Key's instant B2B financing.
  • Close More Sales Your sales team can now offer instant financing options to their customers in order to increase the order size and close more deals, faster.
  • Capture All Orders Credit Key can also be used to capture orders that come in over the phone, email or even fax through our dedicated merchant portal
  • Get Paid. Now. Get paid for the full amount of the invoice within 24-48 hours, instead of waiting for customers to pay with trade credit. Focus on growing sales, not collecting invoices. Credit Key takes on all the risk of the loan and collecting payments.

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