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Fraud Prevention/Security

Protecting Your Digital Innovation

Kount's award-winning payments fraud prevention solution protects digital commerce in hyper-competitive, high-risk environments, while enabling businesses to deliver a frictionless experience to legitimate customers.

Company Overview

Our mission is to protect the digital innovation of our customers as they expand their ecommerce initiatives, grow into new geographies, and develop new revenue streams. We detect and deter fraud with a combination of patented technology that includes advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 12 years of fraud prevention experience, and unparalleled customer service to protect over 6,500 leading brands worldwide.

Key Features

  • Rich data set spanning over a decade with smart, multi-layer device fingerprinting and mobile and device location detection
  • Advanced artificial intelligence and supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods facilitate global order linking
  • Comprehensive order management
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Industry-leading client success team analyzes data and provides recommendations
  • Robust policy engine
  • Transaction and custom scoring

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The Kount integration for Miva provides industry-leading fraud prevention for your ecommerce store.

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