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Revolutionary ecommerce software designed to simplify international sales

Ready to create an international shopping experience that's as simple as your domestic? Zonos Checkout provides duty and tax calculations, compliance, and localization. Unlike other solutions, Zonos lets you retain control, helping you boost conversion, return customers, and profit.

Company Overview

Zonos provides innovative ecommerce technology solutions to connect merchants with international customers. Our software simplifies the shopper experience by providing merchants with convenient tools and services for their business to go global. Our products include features such as clear duties and taxes (total landed cost), the ability to choose any carrier, and integration with any ecommerce platform.

Key Features

  • Display clear and complete duty and tax (landed cost) calculations.
  • Choose any carrier and integrate with any ecommerce platform.
  • Get accurate international shipping rates.
  • Localize currency and language for each individual shopper.
  • Receive foreign payments.
  • Mitigate fraud risk.
  • Send abandoned cart emails.
  • Manage compliance, restricted items, and more!

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