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May 14th, 2014

Ecommerce Platform Miva Merchant Redesigns and Streamlines Website Experience

Miva Merchant has redesigned their website experience with ecommerce businesses in mind.

Miva Merchant has redesigned their website specifically to help online business owners and web developers stay informed about Miva Merchant by providing them with comprehensive information in a streamlined format.

Sleek. Fast. Intuitive.

“The new is sleek, fast, and intuitive,” said Rick Wilson, President of Miva Merchant. “It was redesigned with the wants and needs of Miva store owners and web developers in mind.”

The sleeker and more intuitive homepage will help store owners and web developers to navigate to the information they need quicker and easier than ever before.

On the newly designed homepage, there are 2 options: Professional and Enterprise.

The Professional option has a convenient place that is full of comprehensive information about how Miva Merchant is not only different from entry-level products, but head and shoulders above them.

The Enterprise option leads to a page, which informs business owners on what Enterprise ecommerce requires and how Miva can fit into enterprise ecommerce needs. Miva’s Enterprise Solutions Engineers work with business owners to build out a unique scope and implementation plan for their enterprise business.

On the “Is Miva Right For You?” page, business owners can quickly identify where they are at and where they want to go with respect to the ecommerce universe. Whether the business is a Starter, Pro, or Enterprise level, Miva has a solution for every sized business.

The new Features page offers visitors insights into Miva’s robust and refined ecommerce software solutions. While learning about the different features that the Miva platform offers, Business Tips and Tech Tips are available along the way with pro insights into each feature. On this page, “Featured Stores,” “Hosting Architecture” and “Ecommerce Testimonials” show how Miva is capable of delivering success to businesses by matching their real-world needs.

On the new Pricing & Signup page, business owners can get started with Miva Merchant with no setup feed and a money back guarantee. There are different sets of features for Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans, as well as a list of frequently asked questions in order to better assist business owners in making their decision to get started with Miva.

From the new homepage, visitors can find Testimonials, Professional Services, Merchant Accounts, and Other Products (SSL, Themes, Etc…). Miva also maintains a great ecommerce blog and community forums to help online businesses stay above their competition.

Miva’s Video Portal offers videos for developers and store owners to give them the foundation they need to maximize the potential of their Miva store. Visitors to this page can also watch recent Webinars.

The new support page gives Miva stores quick and easy access to the 24/7 in-house support team, as well as quick and easy to access information, including video tutorials and technical documentation.

On the “Our Company” page, visitors can learn more about Miva Merchant and watch a sneak peek video of Miva’s next generation ecommerce platform that is coming in 2014.

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