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November 16th, 2021

Miva CEO Rick Wilson Launches New Book, Dragonproof Principles, With Powerful Vision For Sustainable Leadership

Ecommerce & leadership trailblazer equips entrepreneurs with a roadmap for principled leadership to help their businesses become “dragonproof” in any season.

Today, Rick Wilson, ecommerce pioneer and CEO of Miva, announced the launch of his new book, Dragonproof Principles. The book identifies a 10-point leadership philosophy which builds the connection between situational awareness, principled decision-making, and healthy work culture to help businesses thrive amid volatile economic and social conditions.

Building on his life’s work as the pioneering leader of one of the world’s top ecommerce platforms, Wilson brings a unique vantage point from the front row of modern entrepreneurship. His direct experience shepherding thousands of merchants through the greatest economic crisis in a generation led the CEO to a powerful new understanding of what works and what doesn’t for business leaders facing unprecedented and relentless unknowns.

“With so much change and volatility over the last two years, there’s been a complete paradigm shift on what it means to be an entrepreneur. It can be daunting for most people just to think about starting or running a business with such uncertainty, as well as massive industry dragons competing against them for every dime,” says Rick Wilson, CEO of Miva. “My goal for Dragonproof Principles is to demonstrate why entrepreneurship itself is a noble pursuit. I hope to inspire readers to see how a principled approach to entrepreneurial leadership has the power to make a real, tangible impact on their co-workers, their industry, and the world…as well as generating sustainable success.”  

Over the last two years, entrepreneurs have faced fierce volatility, consolidating competition from Amazon, the rapid acceleration of technological advancements, and evolving social trends around how such tech is used. Rather than falling victim to this “war on entrepreneurship,” Dragonproof Principles equips readers with 10 core principles of leadership to set the course for success. Specific leadership topics include:

  • Connecting entrepreneurial passion with pragmatic decision-making
  • Aligning market awareness with the right strategy and tactics
  • Building a holistic work culture as a competitive advantage
  • Crafting a brand voice approach which works in today’s content environment
  • The urgency of integrating self-care into leadership

Dragonproof Principles is Rick’s second full-length book, following his 2019 book, Dragonproof Ecommerce: You Vs. Amazon – How To Protect Your Online Business, Products, And Customers, which is meant to inspire independent retailers in an Amazon world. Physical hardcover and softcover book editions of Dragonproof Principles are now available for purchase on Amazon at Ebook and audiobook editions will be forthcoming by year’s end.

For more information about Rick Wilson and Dragonproof Principles or to subscribe to the Dragonproof Ecommerce podcast, where you can listen to conversations that bring Rick’s entrepreneurship principles to life, please visit

About Rick Wilson

A true ecommerce pioneer, Miva CEO Rick Wilson brings two decades of groundbreaking industry experience to lead the global economy’s biggest growth sector: online selling. Beginning in 1999 as Director of Sales for the original Miva Corporation, Rick positioned the company as the most broadly distributed SMB ecommerce platform in the world, with 300,000 active users. By 2009, Rick and his team had acquired ownership of Miva and orchestrated the platform’s conversion to a SaaS model, precisely anticipating an increasingly diversified digital selling environment. Today, Rick’s keen understanding of market forces, web-based technology platforms, and core leadership principles uniquely positions him as an expert at the forefront of developing trends in ecommerce and leadership. He shares this insight with a growing audience as a book author, keynote speaker, and weekly podcast host. Outside of work, Rick enjoys sailing, scuba diving, and attending the Burning Man festival, infusing his adventurous spirit into everything he does.

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