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October 1st, 2019

Miva, Inc. Partners with Kount, Inc. to Protect Online Sellers from Fraud

Partnership between eCommerce platform and fraud prevention solution provider to help merchants increase revenue and prevent digital fraud.

Miva, Inc., eCommerce software and service provider for mid-size and enterprise merchants for 21 years, and Kount, Inc., the leader in digital fraud protection, today announced that they have partnered to integrate Kount’s comprehensive, AI-driven fraud prevention solution into the Miva eCommerce platform.

Digital fraud is increasing, driven by massive data compromises, EMV card requirements, growing online commerce, and ever more sophisticated technology and tools. Together, Kount’s advanced fraud protection solution and Miva’s flexible eCommerce platform allow online sellers to increase their revenue by accepting more legitimate orders while reducing fraud losses and time spent on manual reviews.

Features include:

  • Immediate notification of fraud likelihood per transaction
  • Automatic rejection of high-risk transactions
  • Review queues for questionable orders
  • Additional, highly configurable API-powered automation options

“Digital fraud is a serious concern for online merchants,” said Tom War, VP of Sales at Kount. “By providing fraud protection and the flexibility to drive business outcomes, Kount’s solution helps Miva merchants avoid chargebacks and false positives while giving legitimate customers a frictionless experience.”

“We are always growing and improving our solution ecosystem to ensure that our merchant clients deliver a secure, high-conversion shopping experience,” says Brennan Heyde, VP of Product at Miva. “By integrating sophisticated fraud prevention capabilities from Kount, merchants can sell more with greater confidence, protecting their existing business and yielding significant new revenue opportunities.”

The new offering is now available for Kount customers in the Miva App Store

About Miva, Inc
Since 1997, Miva has delivered expertly-designed eCommerce solutions to help high-growth businesses serve their customers in the most innovative, forward-thinking ways possible. Miva stores deliver superior online shopping experiences and support sophisticated back-end eCommerce workflows. Miva is the only cloud-based platform that provides a reliable and expandable enterprise eCommerce solution from a single source. Miva owns and maintains the Miva Merchant software and cloud-based hosting environment. Visit for more information.

About Kount, Inc. Kount’s award-winning AI-driven digital fraud prevention solution is used by 6,500 brands globally, helping them to reach their digital innovation goals. Kount’s patented technology combines device fingerprinting, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, a robust policy and rules engine, self-service analytics, and a web-based case-management and investigation system. Kount’s solutions stop fraud and increase revenue for digital businesses, acquiring banks, and payment service providers. 

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