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May 11th, 2010

Miva Merchant 5.5 Wombat Update Released

Miva Merchant’s advanced and scalable “Wombat” Update creates traction for online merchants with streamlined order management features and new CSS UI.

San Diego, CA 07 May 2010–Veteran online shopping cart leader Miva Merchant today announced the launch of its long-awaited Production Release 7, codename “Wombat.” After more than 15 months in development, and 6 months of rigorous beta testing, the Miva Merchant 5.5 Production Release 7 adds many significant features to the already robust shopping cart software. Notable among those features are powerful new tools expediting order processing and handling, sophisticated inventory tracking, and PA-DSS compliance-readiness. The sleek new CSS UI merits its kudos from designers and developers, who were extensively tapped for their wish lists at the early stages of Wombat’s development.

Timesaving for day-to-day operations drives new features for such tasks as post-transaction order adjustments and printing shipping labels, as well as taking phone orders from directly inside the admin panel. The scalable and advanced Inventory Variants allow for complex kit building and inventory at the attribute level, including dynamic pricing and quantity-on-hand updates based on attribute selections. With the PA-DSS mandatory deadline looming, all payment application providers must be PA-DSS compliant no later than July 1 2010. The compliance is being exacted from software providers who make electronic payment applications that utilize credit cards.

The all new Miva Merchant CSS UI has been built from the ground up to be W3C Compliant. With the new CSS UI, it’s now possible to completely change the look and feel of a site without touching the template code, reducing the risk of breaking important functionality by separating code, content and design. The CSS UI gives the merchant a modern ecommerce site right out of the box, shortening the time to launch a new online store. Additionally, the functional layout provides an optimized shopping flow, customer order processing and improved SEO architecture that is more intuitive for web designers and developers to change.

Rick Wilson, President and COO of Miva Merchant, commented, “Our ‘Wombat’ release truly pushes the foundation of our product to the next level. Miva Merchant has always been known for making scalable enterprise-class webstores available even on a small business budget. We’ve now added core features to our ecommerce product to make deploying a store even easier and faster for online merchants; plus the numerous new api’s pave the way to continuing cutting-edge advancement.”

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