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August 17th, 2016

Miva Merchant 9.6 Available Now – Ecommerce Platform Announces New Release

The latest release of the popular ecommerce platform delivers substantial new SEO, marketplace, subscription, and payment features for all users.

Miva, Inc. announces the launch of the newest version of its signature ecommerce platform, Miva Merchant 9.6. Boasting substantial new feature upgrades, and more than 100 bug fixes, Miva Merchant 9.6 will be an exciting and powerful update for all users of Miva products.

Marquee features of Miva Merchant 9.6 include strong new SEO support via fully automated data feeds, which create and update up-to-the-minute sitemaps for immediate use by top search engines such as Google and Bing. Sophisticated templating code makes these data feeds easy to configure for business owners.

Version 9.6 also offers comprehensive marketplace support, with an updated in-platform module which makes managing product sales on external marketplaces such as Etsy and Google Shopping intuitive and efficient. Inventory, orders and listings on these marketplaces, as well as eBay and Amazon, can now be automatically imported and synced via scheduled tasking.

Another key tool launching with the new release is advanced subscription management. With this feature, businesses can encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty with recurring transaction schedules that customers self-configure. New automated subscription messaging, one of many new template-based, custom-triggered email sequences, helps keep customers informed about their subscriptions, while easing the burden on in-house customer service.

MivaPay, Miva’s ultra-secure PCI-compliant payment service, has received substantial new support in Miva Merchant 9.6, with wallet-stored payment information and superior token integration among the newest improvements to this popular feature. The new release also adds easy task scheduling to a host of data, image management, payment token, and routine cleanup functions platform-wide. Finally, additional features like refined shopping basket management make the admin of complex enterprise ecommerce sites easier than ever for store owners, developers, and marketing teams.

In addition to all-new features, 107 bug fixes have been performed across the entire Miva Merchant platform, resulting in the most stable, smooth running iteration of the platform in company history.

Miva, Inc. has built a strong reputation for stability and security, especially relative to software updates. The ability to seamlessly implement major software updates to Miva’s cloud-hosted platform is a key brand difference which sets Miva apart from competitors such as Magento Enterprise, which is notorious for breaking ecommerce stores upon every software update, commonly disrupting the functionality of mods and plug-ins. By contrast, Miva software updates eliminate the painstaking IT maintenance that other platforms require, with 60-second server upgrades and All Flash Arrays which make use of redundant storage processors and network paths for zero downtime maintenance.

Miva Merchant 9.6 is available now, and is a free upgrade for all Miva Merchant users.

For full technical details of the Miva Merchant version 9.6 release, please visit:

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