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June 9th, 2008

Miva Merchant Adds SearchSpring As A Strategic Partner

San Diego, CA, 09 July 2008 — Miva Merchant today announced their strategic partnership with SearchSpring. Designed specifically for E-Commerce, SearchSpring is a hosted site search application that makes it easy for online stores to help their customers find the products they’re looking for. SearchSpring does this by providing shoppers with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that delivers accurate and relevant search results.

According to Rick Wilson, Executive Vice President of Miva Merchant “Our customers increasingly report to us about the importance of a powerful search application in running a robust storefront. Due to the dynamic nature of offering such a request, we sought out to partner with a company who knew both the Miva Merchant customer base and e-commerce search and therefore we partnered with SearchSpring.” SearchSpring now enables Miva Merchant storeowners to address this problem by providing seamless integration between Miva Merchant and SearchSpring. Taking next to no time to implement, the result is the ability to improve customer experience and increase sales quickly and easily.

“Our partnership with Miva Merchant is significant because it echo’s our commitment to provide a solution that integrates seamlessly with the tens of thousands of stores out there running Miva Merchant.” says Scott Zielinski, co-founder of B7 Interactive, the company behind SearchSpring. Scott, also a long time member of the Miva Merchant developer community, has extensive experience building third-party software for Miva Merchant. Scott goes on to say “We want our merchants to be able to get SearchSpring in front of customers quickly, where it can start delivering immediate value.”

Beyond improving the relevancy of search results, SearchSpring offers many other useful features. One of which is the ability for shoppers to filter and view search results by practical data elements like brand, size, color, style and more. This feature is particularly useful to shoppers because it provides instant feedback into the depth of product options available. Additional features include the ability to fine tune the search behavior, configure misspelling thresholds and report on useful data like which searches are the most popular and those which yield no matches.

About SearchSpring

SearchSpring is a product of B7 Interactive, a web development firm with extensive experience in delivering tailored solutions to successful online retailers. SearchSpring was born from need to help clients’ provide their customers with a better search experience. SearchSpring integrates seamlessly with Miva Merchant 5.x offering customers enhanced search relevancy, dynamic faceting, reporting, field boosting, and many more powerful features. For more information about SearchSpring, call 719-594-4595 or visit

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