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October 20th, 2011

Miva Merchant Adds Social Commerce Integration To Product Offerings

Miva Merchant store owners can now easily integrate their products and stores with their Facebook Pages.

Ecommerce software and hosting company, Miva Merchant, Inc. has launched a Social Commerce Page product, designed to help ecommerce store owners sell their products on their Facebook fan pages.

Miva Merchant users can choose between a standard, or default social commerce template, and a customized template that includes a consultation with a Miva Merchant in-house Web Developer.

Both templates include the ability to edit and control the products being displayed via the Miva Merchant Admin, and all orders are processed via the Admin, rather than through Facebook.

“As users gravitate towards spending more time on Facebook, ecommerce store owners need to follow,” says Miva Merchant COO and President, Rick Wilson.“Having a Facebook page and interacting is a good first step, but (for storeowners) displaying their products on their Facebook page connects their fans to actual purchasing opportunities.”

Nowadays, social media is a primary influencer when it comes to online purchasing habits. A recent Nielsen study found that roughly 22.5% of time spent online is spent on social networks and blogs. The same Nielsen study also found that consumers overwhelmingly trust the opinions of other consumers when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Social commerce products help to bridge the gap between social networking and online shopping, allowing users to purchase products from the same place (in this case, Facebook) that they interact with and receive shopping advice from friends and family.

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