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September 18th, 2013

Miva Merchant and Spring Metrics Announce Strategic Partnership

Miva Merchant announces new partnership with Spring Metrics

Miva Merchant announces its newest partnership with Spring Metrics, a conversion rate optimization and visitor engagement company based in Raleigh, NC. Several Miva customers already use Spring Metrics and are seeing great results.

The collaboration between Miva Merchant and Spring Metrics will help ecommerce businesses leverage the technologies and services required to build profitable online businesses by optimizing the conversion process.

Spring Metrics allows users to analyze site traffic with their Conversion Tracking dashboard. This intuitive dashboard puts all of the information ecommerce store owners need right at their fingertips. Site traffic, sources, and conversion rates are all in one place with the Conversion Tracking dashboard. All of the data can be organized, segmented, and exported with ease.

Ecommerce storeowners can also engage site traffic using Spring Metrics Smart Offers and Smart Social. Using the information in the Conversion Tracking dashboard, ecommerce businesses can build offers to present to visitors on their sites in real time, which incentivizes site visitors to convert. This simple process allows for behavioral targeting across over 20 metrics, ensuring that the right message reaches the right visitor. This same process can be used with Smart Social as well, allowing online businesses to build custom messages to grow their social reach through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Miva Merchant is dedicated to the success of its customers. Their partnership with Spring Metrics is an extension of Miva’s dedication to providing the tools and solutions that help drive conversion rates and revenue for its online merchants.

Spring Metrics

Spring Metrics solutions increase revenue for online merchants through automated, real-time customer interaction at the point of customer conversion. Based on behavioral targeting of site visitors, Smart Offers from Spring Metrics increases conversion rates and captures more revenue from the existing site traffic. Spring Metrics shows ecommerce merchants which marketing channels deliver buyers and which ones just cost more money – simply, clearly, and in real time.

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