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October 3rd, 2013

Miva Merchant Announces a New Video Database for Miva Store Owners and Web Developers

Miva Merchant Videos is the new go-to video resource for Miva busness owners and developers to build successfull online businessess.

Miva Merchant just announced Miva Merchant Videos, the go-to resource for Miva store owners and web developers to build successful online businesses. Miva Merchant Videos is the new resource for detailed training videos, how-to guides and much more.

Miva Merchant Videos gives Miva store owners and developers access to all the tools necessary to open a successful and competitive online business. The video knowledge base includes videos on different topics that web developers and store owners want to know about in order to succeed in building an online business.

For Miva store owners looking to maximize conversions and revenue, Miva Merchant Videos teaches store owners how to successfully manage their online business through step-by-step training. The Miva Store Owner’s Course is a three-part series which can be accessed by going to Here, Miva store owners can learn everything from basic tasks and operations to intermediate and advanced tips for online success. Topics include fallback shipping methods, inventory tracking, image machine, order history, and more over the course of the three-part course.

Miva web developers can explore the Miva Merchant Template Language by taking the Developer Training Series course. The course is geared toward web developers or anyone who wants to extend their training in ecommerce. For developers just starting out building Miva Merchant stores, the Developer Training Series will give them the foundation and training that they need. During this course, viewers will learn how to build high quality and successful ecommerce stores the ‘right’ way, using Miva as the ecommerce platform. The Developer Training Series can be accessed through this link:

“DTS [The Developer Training Series] used to be hidden from the public, and only run once every couple months in a ‘classes’ where a group of people would go though it together,” said Brennan Heyde, Professional Services Manager at Miva Merchant. “We changed the paradigm so now it is open to any developer who wants to take it and they can go though the lessons on their own time. No more waiting.”

In the Developer Training Series course, viewers will learn about the following topics:

  • Develop ecommerce the right way
  • Build more sites in less time
  • Discover the security of the Miva Merchant platform
  • Learn how to CUSTOMIZE a Miva Merchant store
  • How to make a Miva Merchant store more search engine friendly
  • Expand your ecommerce knowledge
  • Helping ecommerce clients prosper

Through Miva Merchant Videos, business owners and web developers alike will have the ability to learn everything they need to build a high-quality and successful online business on the Miva ecommerce platform.

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