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March 10th, 2011

Miva Merchant Announces Acquisition Of Hostasaurus, Inc.

Acquisition merges existing hosting platforms, accounts

Miva Merchant and Hostasaurus have announced a merger of their hosting platforms and accounts under the Miva Merchant name, thereby creating the largest and most comprehensive Miva Merchant hosting infrastructure in the market today.

Former principal and co-founder of Hostasaurus, David Hubbard, has since taken over the role of Chief Information Officer of Miva Merchant and will continue to work with former principal and co-founder of Hostasaurus, Jennifer Ferraz, who is now Senior Vice President of Hosting Services.

Together, Hubbard and Ferraz will lead the Miva Merchant SaaS platform, including undertaking PCI Service Provider Certification, network architecture planning, and future infrastructure growth initiatives, as well as assuring that Miva Merchant continues the tradition of unparalleled quality and service that characterized Hostasaurus in the Miva Merchant ecommerce community.

“This was the logical next step for our platform, our community and our merchants,” says Russ Carroll, CEO of Miva Merchant. “We’re committed to offering the absolutely best ecommerce platform to our customers and that includes offering the best hosting possible to power that platform.”

“This merger allows those of us from the Hostasaurus side to focus on the underlying architecture, which is what we excel at, while providing our now-combined customer base with much more accessible and hands-on support offerings from Miva Merchant’s dedicated support team, says Miva Merchant CIO David Hubbard.”This is a real win-win for all of our customers.”

Existing Hostasaurus customers can find more information about the merger here.

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