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August 26th, 2011

Miva Merchant Announces Acquisition Of

Video tutorial site offers Miva Merchant how-to, instructional videos.

Leading ecommerce software and hosting provider Miva Merchant recently finalized the acquisition of from its previous owner and founder, Chuck Lasker., which offers hundreds of how-to and tutorial videos for Miva Merchant developers, storeowners, and other users, has long been a valuable resource in the Miva Merchant community.

The tutorials, which average about five minutes in length, also feature copy-and-paste code in most cases, creating a quick and easy way for users to gain and apply essential knowledge.

“I go way back with Miva Merchant, but I became truly committed to the platform when Rick Wilson and Russ Carroll began operating the company,” says Lasker. “I created hundreds of step by step How To videos from adding a product to changing the CSS file, ranging from Miva Merchant version 4 to the newest version 5.5 PR8.

While the joint venture was successful, Rick and I agreed that the video tutorials should be owned by the company”

Over the years, Lasker has also spoken at various Miva Merchant user conferences around the country, and at the annual Miva Merchant conference in San Diego, CA in 2009 and 2010.

“We are always looking for new ways to help our customers achieve success,” says Miva Merchant Support Manager, Wayne Smith. “Ownership of these video tutorials will only enhance our ability to do so.”

When asked whether this means Lasker is moving away from Miva Merchant, he replied, “I’m not going anywhere. Miva Merchant is better than ever and I’m continuing to focus on it as my ecommerce platform of choice. It only makes sense that Miva Merchant should own the video library so they can use it however they’d like.”

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