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October 8th, 2009

Miva Merchant Announces Strategic Partnership With Runa

Runa Provides Miva Merchant Customers with a Low Risk Way to Increase Their Profits

San Diego, CA, 08 October 2009 — Miva Merchant (, a leading ecommerce solutions provider to small and medium-sized businesses, has joined with Runa (, a provider of revenue growth and profit maximization solutions, to provide its clients with a low risk solution that increases conversions, revenue and profit. Runa offers Miva Merchant store owners a way to improve their online sales transactions by motivating the consumer to purchase based on the buying intent and the merchant defined business goals. Behind the scenes, Runa uses the pre-click and post-click data to dynamically determine the consumer’s buying intent as the basis to deliver more effective offers.

“Increasing revenue and profit without increasing SEO and SEM costs are top of mind to our clients,” said Rick Wilson, executive vice president of Miva Merchant. “We have chosen to partner with Runa because they offer our clients an important new way to improve their revenue and profit from existing traffic by fine-tuning the most influential lever — price. There are numerous solutions that focus on marketing to increase conversion, but Runa is the first one to combine behavioral targeting with merchandising that includes price optimization.”

Getting started with Runa is simple with the free Runa module for Miva Merchant. Merchants will immediately benefit from the insights that Runa can provide, such as product reports that are added to the cart and then abandoned. Merchants can use these insights to guide their business rule setup. Runa only charges based on Runa-driven revenue.

“We are excited to partner with Miva Merchant,” said Heather Dawson, chief customer officer at Runa. “Miva Merchant’s commitment to providing merchants with a platform that will continue to be enriched and grow with the marketplace coupled with Runa’s revenue growth and profit optimization solution is a perfect fit. We believe this will be a winning combination, especially for small merchants with limited marketing dollars that need to see immediate return.”

About Runa

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Runa helps online businesses owners increase their revenue and optimize profits by using consumer behavior and business goals to drive dynamic pricing that will entice customers. Runa delivers the right offer, at the right time and place, on the merchant’s website. Runa is the first and only solution that brings together behavioral-driven, price-optimized merchandising that fits the needs of both small and medium e-businesses in many industries including retail and travel. For more information about Runa and its revenue growth and profit optimization services, interested parties can visit call 1-650-917-0600.

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