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September 20th, 2012

Miva Merchant Announces the Launch of Miva Merchant Rewards

Miva Merchant launches a new ecommerce industry rewards program called Miva Merchant Rewards

Miva Merchant, a leading provider of e-commerce software and hosting services, announced today that they will be launching a monthly e-commerce rewards program focused on rewarding their hosting clients. Each month, the email will provide Miva Merchant hosting clients with exclusive tips for leveraging the power of the Miva Merchant platform. The rewards will also include free graphics packs, videos, trials or modules. Hosting clients will have access to the modules for free. This special reward offer will be available for one month following the offer release date, after which the promotion will expire and the module will no longer be available for free.

“The Miva Merchant Rewards program was created for our hosting clients as a ‘thank you’ from us for choosing Miva Merchant,” commented Jesse Ness, Marketing Manager at Miva Merchant. “Each month, we will provide our clients with exclusive rewards that will strategically benefit their businesses to give them a competitive edge.”

The email will be sent out every month to all hosting clients, including those that were part of the Hostasaurus acquisition. The account managers at Miva Merchant are constantly researching innovative e-commerce solutions to provide their clients with a greater chance to succeed. Miva Merchant looks forward to providing their hosting clients with the latest e-commerce tools to help drive sales and increase potential business opportunities. “The Miva Merchant Rewards program is designed to maximize the value of our e-commerce software for our clients and, in turn, the value that our clients bring to their customers,” stated Jesse Ness.

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