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November 29th, 2011

Miva Merchant, Inc. Announces UPS Ready Provider Integration®

UPS Integration is included in the Miva Merchant 5.5 PR8 Update 4 Release and is designed to streamline the packing and shipping process.

Leading ecommerce software and ecommerce hosting company Miva Merchant has become a UPS Ready® Provider through the integration of UPS services. UPS’s services and functionalities are included in the Miva Merchant 5.5 PR8 Update 4 Release.

The integration of UPS services is designed to streamline the process of picking, packing and shipping for Miva Merchant e-commerce store owners. This update arrives just in time for the holiday shopping and shipping season.

“Being a UPS Ready partner is very important to us, because approximately two-thirds of our customers use UPS and this update will make their lives much easier,” says Miva Merchant President and COO, Rick Wilson.

Miva Merchant users will be able to access a wide variety of new built-in functionality, including:

  • UPS label generation directly from within the Miva Merchant Store Admin–no separate shipping system or middleware product required.
  • Ability to customize shipping business rules according to order totals, order quantities, order weights, and geographical restrictions.
  • In-depth support for dimensional shipping requirements, including customizable box packing algorithms, designed to provide merchants with order packing prediction capabilities and more accurate rates for their shoppers and faster fulfillment for shippers
  • Fallback shipping controls and redesigned shipping error handling, designed to protect sales and conversions
  • New shopping interface elements built into the default look and feel including Smart Breadcrumbs, Category Sorting, Numeric Category Pagination, and the ability to support multiple templates for both Products and Categories

“In addition, Miva Merchant’s 5.5 PR8 Update 4 includes a number of features that either weren’t available at all previously or required a third party plugin,” adds Wilson. “This update greatly expands the out-of-the box functionality of our shopping cart platform.”

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