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November 9th, 2012

Miva Merchant Unveils a Facebook Connection

New Service-Based Product Allows Shoppers To Log Into Stores With Their Facebook Accounts.

Miva Merchant, the award winning ecommerce software and services company, unveils a Facebook connection. This new service-based product introduces Facebook account powered functionality to Miva Merchant eCommerce stores. With just a few clicks of the mouse, the Facebook connection allows shoppers visiting an online store to create a store account using their Facebook information. If the shopper already has an account with the store, they will have the option to associate their Facebook account to it for a more seamless shopping experience. Shoppers will also have the option for one click sign in using their Facebook account if it’s already setup in the store.

“Shoppers save time when logging into websites using their Facebook accounts,” explains Brennan Heyde, Miva Merchant’s Technical Director of Professional Services. “They can log in with one click, and they don’t have to remember extra usernames and passwords. This translates into a more enjoyable user experience. A good user experience makes happy customers. Happy customers tend to become repeat customers.”

Miva Merchant is selling the service-based product for $599. The price includes installation and configuration of the powerful OAuth module that powers the Facebook connection. The installation is done by Miva Merchant’s Professional Services team. The Professional Services team will also handle all of the custom front end and back end code required to ensure a seamless integration of these features into the Miva Merchant store.

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