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August 17th, 2018

Miva Releases “Complete Guide to Migrating Ecommerce Platforms”

23-Page Guide Gives Merchants an Overview of the Process and Strategic Advice

Miva, Inc. announced today the release of the “Complete Guide to Migrating Ecommerce Platforms”. According to a Forrester survey, 57% of retail digital business decision makers surveyed have decided to replatform their ecommerce system in late 2018 or 2019. The new Miva guide presents an easy-to-understand overview of what to expect from a process that can be daunting, both in terms of time and money.

The end-to-end guide gives merchants an overview of the benefits, the process, and the team members involved with a migration. Each step is presented as part of a framework, making it easy for growing merchants to develop a game plan and then manage a successful ecommerce transition that minimizes disruption to their business. The guide includes:

  • The five signs it may be time to replatform
  • Four compelling benefits to expect after upgrading
  • How native functionality can avoid broken plug-ins during future upgrades
  • Key business and technical decisions to make at the start of the project
  • Real-life examples of successful platform migrations with quantifiable results

“So often merchants know that their ecommerce business would benefit from more robust features, capabilities and platform stability, but they aren’t really sure how—or sometimes even if—to start the replatforming process,” says Melanie Kalemba, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Miva. “This guide provides much needed clarity about what to expect. That can save time, money, and stress.”

Merchants can download their free copy of the “Complete Guide to Migrating Ecommerce Platforms” here.

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