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June 20th, 2018

Miva Showcases Product Visualizers

Digital Showrooms Can Beat the Brick-and-Mortar Experience

On the Miva enterprise ecommerce platform, online merchants can now create digital showrooms that showcase thousands of products in a multitude of combinations and in different environments. These comprehensive inventory displays surpass the limited experiences offered by even the largest brick-and-mortar flagship stores.

Skateboard enthusiasts can use the Skateboard Builder at NHS Fun Factory to virtually assemble parts from several top skate brands in more than one million different configurations. Like an in-store assistant with unlimited time and every component in stock, the product visualizer offers details of each part – and warns against combinations that won’t work together.

“Product visualizers let customers create their own unique products, while also removing the guesswork from the buying experience,” says Brennan Heyde, Vice President of Developer Relations at Miva. “It’s a shopping experience that can’t be matched in stores or with traditional online or offline catalogs.”

Product visualizers can be particularly helpful in demonstrating how items will look in different scenarios. Decorative Films LLC., a leader in decorative glass enhancement privacy films, created a product visualizer on the Miva platform that demonstrates how their products look in real-world settings. In three easy steps, the visualizer overlays a selected film onto a typical scene—from home, to the workplace, to a retail store, and more. Since the launch of their new website and visualizer, Decorative Films has seen an 84% increase in average order value.

“It is vital to partner with someone who dares to innovate the user experience, all the while providing the right tools to set us apart.”, says Charl Berning, Managing Director of Decorative Films.

Visit the Miva Blog to read more about industry-leading features. Product visualizers are just one of the many merchandising tools that can be created on the Miva platform. For more information, visit Miva to talk with a Miva Solutions Architect.

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