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September 19th, 2016

Miva’s “Storyteller” ReadyTheme Offers Sophisticated Ecommerce Branding

The newest all-inclusive theme for Miva’s popular ecommerce platform highlights brand and product narrative, employing advanced features optimized for compelling user experience.

Miva, Inc. announces the release of “Storyteller,” the newest ReadyTheme for its signature ecommerce platform. Designed to showcase the personal connection between brand, product, and customer, the Storyteller ReadyTheme employs a modern, highly visual design which will be highly engaging for all users. The turnkey layout already includes journal, process, and story sections which emphasize every product’s journey from conception to delivery, in concert with the larger brand narrative.

“Great product starts with a great story,” says Brennan Heyde, VP of Developer Relations for Miva. “Sophisticated new ReadyThemes like Storyteller make it easier than ever for brands to express their history, style, and goals, while forging incredible loyalty with customers.”

In addition to the theme’s branding features, “Storyteller” also boasts a suite of advanced features for navigation, performance, and payments. Within the modern, minimalist aesthetic, businesses can take advantage of a built-in right sidebar for mini-basket, login, and easy navigation. Checkouts and payments are optimized for Miva’s signature payment system MivaPay, with a fast and efficient checkout flow. Product pages are enhanced for conversion with hover images and customizable tabs. Site load time has received a significant boost with the theme’s inclusion of “lazy loading” images, which are scroll sensitive and load as needed for extremely fast and efficient user experience. Finally, new subscription management support facilitates easy repeat purchasing.

All of these features combine to foster a sense of personal connection between customer and business, generating positive and successful transactions which result in outstanding ROI. Like all ReadyThemes, “Storyteller” is completely free for all Miva users, and can be easily configured for new or existing web stores on the platform.

For full details of the Miva ReadyTheme “Storyteller,” please visit:

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