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August 20th, 2013

Sewing Parts Online Expands Online Sales with Miva

Online retailer, Sewing Parts Online, increases online sales by switching ecommerce platforms.

Sewing Parts Online, a Tennesee-based vacuum and sewing retail store founded in 1997, launched their online store in 2008 with Network Solutions. The purpose of their website was to solve the need for an all-inclusive, comprehensive website to sell sewing machine parts. The retail store still continues to do business, but the online store currently accounts for 80% of Sewing Parts Online’s total business.

As sales and traffic grew over time, Sewing Parts Online found limitations within the Network Solution platform and chose to move forward with Miva’s flexible and scalable platform. By switching to Miva, Sewing Parts Online was able to successfully expand. Miva’s ecommerce platform does not limit the number of products, categories, or pages. This flexibility was a crucial criterion for Sewing Parts Online due to their 5,000 plus categories. Miva developers built a custom Quick Find feature for the site to allow customers to quickly narrow their search for a specific sewing part.

Miva’s ecommerce platform and web development team have successfully enabled Sewing Parts Online to attract new customers, while building stronger relationships with their existing ones. By leveraging Miva’s unlimited product policy, Sewing Parts Online was able to meet the needs of their customers online and in-store.

“That first month on Miva was our biggest sales month ever,” said Steve Kocourek, Director of Web Development for Sewing Parts Online. “Since then, we have seen improvement in our conversion rates, a decrease in bounce rates, and our average order value has increased by 10%.”

Miva’s platform boosted Sewing Parts Online’s sales, while also enabling them to stock more products in their online store to give their customers the best experience for finding sewing parts online.

A case study, recently released by Miva, reveals how Sewing Parts Online boosted their online sales and how the robust ecommerce platform has changed history for their business. To read the case study about Sewing Parts Online, visit

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