How to Update To the Latest Version of Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant Version 10

Below is a screenshot of what your Miva admin will look like when you have an update available to you. Please note the highlighted section at the top of the admin page when you log in to Miva. There will be an &ledquo;Update Available” button at the top of the page. Please note, only the site administrator will see the &ledquo;Update Available” button. Users who are not administrators in the system will not see it.

Miva Merchant 10 admin highlighting the Updates Available button.

Before you update, however, it's a good practice to determine which version of Miva 10 you're running. To find out that information, in the top right of your admin home page, click the drop down next to your sign in name, and then click About This Version.

Admin dropdown showing About This Version link.

In the page that opens you will find the version number you are running, plus additional information.

Section of Automatice Installation being selected.

In this example, Version 10.01.03 is the current version. Clicking the Updates Available button at the top of the page opens the following popup window. If you have a popup blocker installed on your browser, make sure you allow pop ups from your store so you can see the update window. The window shows what update(s) are available to you and will walk you through the simple process.

Screenshot of the About This Version page.

If you click on the &ledquo;Details” link under the update number you will be taken to the latest Release Notes for the version that is to be installed, which will provide you additional information about what features and fixes are in the updated version. In this example, Miva is being updated to version 10.02.00.

Screenshot of the update progress.

When you click the Continue button the admin automatically updates the software for you. The install process should take seconds, unless you have additional updates to perform before you can update to the latest version.

Screenshot saying the update process has been completed.

The admin then tells you that the update is complete. Just click the Close button and you are running the latest version of the Miva 10 admin.

Patch details screenshot.


What do I do if I am not on the latest version?

Please read below to see the answer to this question.

Miva Merchant Version 9

Below is a screenshot of what your Miva Merchant Admin should look like once you login. There are two areas highlighted in orange you will need to be aware of, both of which are described in detail below.

Screenshot of Miva Merchant 9 admin.

The first step is to determine what version of Miva Merchant you are currently running. You can quickly see this information by looking on the right side of your admin, under Apps & Themes.

Screenshot of Miva Merchant 9 information.

If your store currently says Miva Merchant 9.0000 or newer (9.0001, 9.0002, 9.0003, etc) then you can simply run Miva Merchant's streaming updates. This is done by clicking the Updates Available link in the admin header. This will bring up a popup window to guide you through the update process. If you have a popup blocker make sure you allow popups from your store in order to view the update window. This window will tell you the next version available to install. Leave "Automatic Installation" selected and hit continue. Miva will download the update and install it for you. The entire process only takes a few minutes. The more versions it needs to download and install the longer it can take.

Screenshot of Miva 9 updrade wizard.

What If I am on Miva Merchant 8.x or earlier?

You should plan to migrate to a newer version of Miva as soon as possible, because versions earlier than Miva 9 will not be supported. Please contact our Professional Services Team if you need any help with this migration.

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