Miva + UPS: Your Partner for ecommerce Success

See why UPS shippers prefer the Miva ecommerce platform.

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Miva is a UPS Digital Connections Provider. Through the UPS Digital Connections program, UPS customers can purchase the Miva ecommerce platform at UPS-negotiated rates. Talk to your UPS representative or request a consultation to learn more.

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Miva helps top B2C and B2B ecommerce merchants drive sales.

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Miva has been a trusted UPS Ready® Partner for over 12 years. We have helped UPS shippers grow their businesses, scale, and sell more online than they ever thought possible.

We offer UPS customers the vision, support, and stability required for expansive growth in today's ecommerce climate.

Real results: The average UPS shipper ships 14% more with Miva.

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  • 18,000+ Products
  • 24% Conversion Increse
  • 11% Revenue Increase
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Online Sales Growth Starts Here

The Miva ecommerce platform is the foundation for merchant success.

UPS Shippers

  • Sell More

    Drive sales with a platform designed to attract, engage, and retain customers.

  • Grow and Scale

    The Miva platform adapts to your evolving business, so you can grow and change without worrying if your store can handle it.

  • Increase Your Reach

    UPS WorldShip helps you get the most out of UPS' services through access to their convenient shipping management software.

  • See how Miva helps businesses like yours realize their potential:

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UPS Representatives

  • Increased Shipping Volume

    The average UPS client ships 14% more with Miva.

  • Proven Growth

    Miva has helped UPS shippers grow from less than $1 million to over $100 million in annual sales.

  • New Possibilities

    The Miva platform is designed to help merchants realize their ecommerce potential, encouraging growth and expansion.

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Ecommerce for Serious Sellers

There are things even Amazon can't do. We help merchants thrive by giving their customers an experience they can't get anywhere else.

Miva provides the features, functionality, and foundation every independent merchant needs to dominate their market.

  • Increase ecommerce revenue
  • Improve site performance
  • Exceed your online sales goals
  • Reach new markets
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These UPS Shippers Succeed with Miva

Discover what Miva can do for UPS shippers. Request a free consultation today.

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