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Miva Merchant 9, The Multi-Seat Business Model Change and My Release Myopia

Dear Miva Merchant SaaS Customers:

As you know, Miva Merchant 9 was released back on November 12, 2014. This release is the single most significant release in our company's history.

On top of that less than 2 months after release we've just released 9.0001 which includes sixteen new features as well as 250+ bug fixes.

Finally we have one of the most aggressive product road maps we've ever had in 2015 and are geared up to absolutely blow your socks off this year.

Coinciding with the release of Miva Merchant 9 we announced that we had changed our business model to more closely align with traditional Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, and that we're now billing on a per simultaneous Administrative Seat basis. Here's the letter our CEO Russ Carroll sent to our customer base back in October:

I believed it was clear in that letter that the business model change was coinciding with the release of Version 9, but not dependent on upgrading to Version 9. In other words, our pricing changed on November 12th for our customers, regardless of which version they're running.

It was in my own personal rush to get Version 9 out the door in time to be useful for the holiday season, that I didn't take the time to make sure this expectation was properly set. I am sorry that this wasn't as clear as it should have been and I take full responsibility for the frustration this poor communication caused.

This letter is intended to clarify the process for billing seats on older versions of Miva Merchant. If you are still running a version of Miva older than Version 9, then you've either received or will shortly receive a manual invoice for your estimated seat usage for the months of November and December.

We've based this usage off reporting that comes back into our license management system and while it's not perfect we believe it's highly accurate.

You will continue to get an estimated seat invoice each month that you're still running older software at the end of that month (so for example on 1/31 we'll run a new report and anyone still on PR8 or older will get an invoice in February for January usage). As a rule, we'll wait at least two weeks between sending of the invoice and charging of the invoice to provide you ample time to request any corrections necessary if our data happens to be incorrect.

If you get an invoice that you believe has an incorrect seat estimate, all you need to do is reply to your invoice and tell us your seat count is incorrect. We'll reach out to you to understand why it's incorrect and we'll adjust any improper invoices.

Once you upgrade to Version 9, you will be in full control of your seat usage ( so we encourage you to upgrade to Version 9 as soon as is practical for your business.

In addition from a PCI perspective and to avoid our Non-Compliance Fees ( you'll need to upgrade prior to February 15, 2015 to keep your software up to date and maintain PCI-DSS compliance.

All The Best,
Rick Wilson
Miva, Inc.

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