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Bare Bones Broth

“We had the opportunity on Miva to build things that just weren't possible on WooCommerce.”

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Essential Depot

“We feel like we have this sports car and we're finally on the freeway. It's doing everything we want, and we have the ability to supercharge the engine to fit our needs.”

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Crown Automotive

“We were looking for Ecommerce features that would accommodate B2B business needs; I see Miva handling Crown's future growth without any issue at all.”

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Sewing Parts Online

“...Since then, we have seen improvement in our conversion rates, a decrease in bounce rates, and our average order value has increased by 10%.”

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Marketview Liquor

“Our conversion rate jumped right out of the gate. It went from 1.75% to 2.14% immediately.”

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Guy Harvey Jewelry

“We wanted to have a store that conveys the heirloom-quality of our jewelry. Miva gives us that.”

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Oliver + S

“Miva gives us complete flexibility in terms of design and allows a much better degree of integration with other website elements under a single domain name.”

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Lotus Sculpture

“With Miva, I'm able to fully implement the vision I have for Lotus Sculpture. I'm an extraordinarily fortunate person who is living his dream each day.”

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“The Miva platform is built so that you can grow on it...If DryCASE is doing $50 million in ten years, they'll still be doing just fine on Miva.”

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Coolest Shoes In California

“Since going live with Miva I haven't had a single phone call from someone who needed assistance with their addresses during the checkout process.”

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Charlotte's Saddlery

“Our first transition to Miva was over ten years ago, and I've been a believer ever since!”

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Maps Of The Past

“Miva goes the extra mile to help developers get what they need to complete the project.”

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“With Miva you have the ability to make the store do anything. There really are no limits.”

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Miva believes that all online businesses should have access to a scalable ecommerce platform that can meet their unique business requirements. Miva offers PCI compliant ecommerce, hosting, and custom website design and development solutions. Miva customers have processed over $100 billion in online sales since 1997.

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