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A modern independent business takes total control of fully-integrated sales and distribution while promoting a powerful brand vision for healthy lifestyles.


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Natural foods producer Bare Bones Broth needed an affordable, custom-built ecommerce system to unify sales channels and add all-new data-driven revenue streams – without bending to the unsustainable demands of traditional distributors.

What They Wanted

Miva partnered with the brand to design a total ecommerce ecosystem, anchored by a beautiful customer-first site which integrates premium enterprise-level design/merchandising with inventory, fulfillment, accounting, and analysis.

What We Built

Bare Bones Broth has now created a powerful framework for singular branding across channels and complete control of their entire supply chain. Cutting edge on-site merchandising fuels a direct and enduring relationship with customers.

Why This Matters

True financial freedom requires a revolutionary approach.

Bare Bones Broth is an artisan natural foods producer leading a new wave of organic foods startups which has been dubbed the "Whole Foods Economy." While every independent business dreams of the attention which big name chains might bring, the real-world production schedules, supply chain pipelines, and ever-lower margins of traditional distribution can stifle profitability and connection to consumers.

This growing business needed a custom-built tool to unify sales channels while serving customers a first-rate shopping experience. Innovative product display and user-centric shopping choices would be essential for competing in the retail space, while an easy system for managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and analyzing trends could allow the brand to master truly sustainable control of all aspects of their business.

Other ecommerce platforms quoted upwards of $200,000 in launch fees, demanded percentages of gross profits, and would charge astronomical annual dues – an unwinnable equation for any young business wanting to sell direct.



By delivering better shopping experiences and easier access to the products they love, we can improve customers' quality of life, and ensure that they return to our store again and again.

– Katherine Harvey, Bare Bones Broth

Smart UX becomes the key to brand independence.

Miva worked with Bare Bones Broth to build a beautiful new ecommerce site which distills the brand's core philosophy into a colorful and dynamic modern shopping experience.

A key component of the new site is the implementation of subscriptions. By allowing customers to self-manage recurring orders, an entirely new revenue stream has opened, increasing customer lifetime value and thus lowering overall acquisition costs. The freedom and flexibility of the user journey inspires powerful brand loyalty, offering customers more choice and more control.

With customer satisfaction as the driver, the brand is now positioned to cultivate and distribute to its audience at the enterprise level. To support this expansive business model, Miva integrated an array of backend systems for managing inventory, processing orders and payments, shipping, and resource planning.

From farm to site to table, Bare Bones Broth has created a total system for control of their entire supply chain. They can adapt production, pricing, and marketing on the fly, as best suits the needs of their customers and their fast growing business.



Manufacturer-direct omnichannel sales fuel powerful, sustainable growth.

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Avg. Order Value

Bare Bones Broth's winning strategy of independent direct distribution, fueled by cutting edge UI, adaptive merchandising, and comprehensive data systems integration, has earned it a seat at the elite enterprise table.

Equipped with comprehensive data about customer behavior, purchasing trends, and traffic, Bare Bones gains the insight required to improve products, carve out new niches in the market, and achieve a dramatic positive impact upon its community – the true meaning of "customer lifetime value."

For the first time, independent businesses are able to control all aspects of omnichannel branding, sales, and distribution from a single unified interface. Miva ecommerce enables entrepreneurs at all levels to reach true financial independence, empowering every enterprise to generate sustainable, holistic success.



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