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An iconic brand deploys innovative on-site merchandising and delivers the ultimate shopping experience to its customers.

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With more than 200 U.S. skateboard brands jockeying for shelf space and market share, NHS, Inc. needed a bold solution for connecting with customers in new and innovative ways.

What They Wanted

Miva worked closely with NHS to build a multi-brand superstore with sophisticated product merchandising for retail shoppers, all connected to powerful order, inventory, and fulfillment systems.

What We Built

With this exciting direct sales ecommerce site, NHS is able to provide a premium shopping experience, exerting masterful control over branding, product, and customer service for its devoted fans.

Why This Matters

A beloved brand must effectively highlight its many products while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Founded in 1973, NHS, Inc. has the honor of being the oldest and most famous skateboard manufacturer in the world. Today, the global skateboarding market tops 5 billion dollars in annual revenue. As creators of the revered Santa Cruz skateboard brand, NHS is uniquely positioned to unite and lead many generations of skate, surf, and snowboard enthusiasts worldwide.

NHS, Inc.'s company legacy and enduring popularity has enabled production of more than a dozen subsidiary brands, each with its own iconography, product line, and fan base. However, with more than 200 U.S. skateboard brands competing for market share, NHS needed an efficient and bold solution for highlighting its many specialty divisions and offering customers an exciting and easy-to-use online store.



Deliver concierge site UI to create the "in-store" experience everywhere customers shop.

Miva worked closely with NHS to build a custom multi-brand superstore which employs highly intuitive navigation to retain distinct branding elements while unifying and cross-referencing thousands of SKUs.

The new site replicates the customer experience of in-store shopping, with a logic-based "deck builder" which allows shoppers to live-build unique product configurations, just as they would with the help of a brick and mortar salesman. Complex order data is then relayed to production and fulfillment. Extensive use of video demos and tight social integration complete the feeling of a personally-curated UI, with human-centric conversion optimization.



Optimize to sell to every kind of customer.

With its comprehensive new site, this legendary manufacturer can manage all of its brand identities, while continuing to build upon a powerful cultural legacy via large-scale direct sales.

Innovative merchandising like the skateboard "Custom Complete" deck builder not only supports customer choice and improves conversions, it creates a responsive dialogue which is the base of brand loyalty and increased CLV. Expert direct fulfillment ensures that customers connect great service with the brand, further amplifying a strong and enduring bond.

The formula for translating social currency into sustainable growth is clear: strong user-facing shopping experience must be an equal partner with sophisticated back-end data integrations. True enterprise-level omnichannel business requires both.



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