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Guide 5 Essential Best Practices for Online B2B Sales Quoting

Learn the best practices for how to successfully implement online quotes and better serve your customers.

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Guide The Ultimate Black Friday Strategy Guide

Expert recommendations for optimizing your ecommerce website to meet the holiday rush.

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Whitepaper Growing Your B2B and DTC Ecommerce Business in 2023

Explore strategies and best practices for marketing, sales, payments, and design in both B2B and DTC spheres.

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Infographic 5 Ways to Successfully Merge B2B and DTC Sales Online

Wondering how to sell B2B and DTC at the same time? This infographic is for you.

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Webinar Why Ecommerce Integrations Don't Work

Why don't ecommerce integrations just work? In this Miva Connect fireside chat, we explore the big challenges with ecommerce integrations today.

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Guide How to Create Consumer Personas for Your Online Store

Lean how to create more effective consumer personas to drive results for your business.

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Webinar Understanding Website Accessibility with 216digital

Learn why web accessibility matters, what steps you can take to make your site more accessible, and how to minimize your risk.

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Infographic 5 Ecommerce Superpowers That Take CPG Websites From Zero to Hero

Discover the website capabilities CPG sellers need to transform their online stores.

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Guide 5 Steps for Refreshing Your Ecommerce Pricing Strategy

Are you offering the best product for the best price? Learn how to create an ROI-centric pricing strategy that captures your business worth.

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Guide 5 Effective Ways to Enhance Your Online Store for Mobile Shoppers

Get 5 ways that you can reach your customers where they are and deliver an enhanced mobile experience.

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Infographic 5 Effective Strategies to Boost Social Commerce Sales

Use these tips and strategies to build trust, encourage engagement, and move followers through the customer journey on social media.

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Video Merchant Story: Blackburn Marine Distributing

Discover how Blackburn Marine increased their year-over-year revenue and boosted efficiency by investing in their online presence.

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Infographic Q4 Ecommerce Strategy

Learn the 6 essential things you need to do to make the most of the holiday rush.

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Guide 6 Ways to Attract More Customers With a Bricks and Clicks Retail Model

A bricks and clicks model can generate great growth, ROI, and revenue. Here are six ways to use this model to...

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Guide Guide: What Millennials Want From Your Ecommerce Website

Millennials are the leaders of online shopping. Here's what your website needs to get their attention.

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Tool Website Health Assessment

How does your ecommerce site measure up? Evaluate its effectiveness and discover potential improvements in just 3 minutes.

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Video Merchant Story: OSU Beaver Store

OSU Beaver Store's previous ecommerce platform was costing them time, labor, and resources. Learn how they turned it around on...

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Webinar Customer Experience from Pre-Purchase to Re-Purchase

Learn how to deliver a compelling end-to-end customer experience that differentiates your business and engages customers throughout...

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Guide What Baby Boomers Want From Your Ecommerce Website

Baby boomers are loyal customers with immense purchasing power. Here's what your website needs to get their attention.

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Whitepaper A Revolutionary Guide to eCommerce Email Marketing

With consumer protection legislation on the rise, eCommerce marketers are finding themselves in a tight spot. It's time for a revolutionary approach.

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