Miva Merchant Template Changes

Version New Features More Information Release Notes Template Changes Date Released
10.06.00 New Square Integration, UPS Account Rates, New JSON APIs Whitlisted, Component Updates & Bug Fixes View View Coming Soon 2/28/2023
10.05.02 Bug Fixes View NA None 1/06/2023
10.05.00/01 PageBuilder, New Shadows Theme, Preview Scheduled Content, UPS WorldWide Economy, Runtime Product/Categry APIs, Copy Page, Custom Page Fields View View View 12/19/2022
10.04.02/03/04 Price Group Bug Fixes View View None 11/01/2022 / 11/11/2022
10.04.01 Product Notification Module APIs, Product Data Field and Feeds, Searchspring Live Indexing & Pricing, Misc Admin Batch List Performance Improvements View View None 10/04/2022
10.04.00 Bug Fixes View View View 05/24/2022
10.03.00 Manage Quotes Improvements, Subscription Improvements, Variant Level Combination Facets, New Checkout APIs, Partial Page Rendering, Affirm Integration, Variant Discount pre-Calculation, Last Updated Timestamp for customer/orders, Address Validation Improvements, Edit Basket Attributes View View View 03/29/2022
10.02.00 Button to Force Recalculate Tax, TaxJar Improvements, Setting to Clear Shipping on Cancelled Orders, Payment Module Updates, MivaPay Guardian View View None 11/09/2021
10.01.03 Google Shopping integration has been updated to the latest v2.1 API, FedEx Tracking Link Fix, Misc Bug Fixes View View None 09/27/2021
10.01.02 Updated Template Version History, Item Level Sale Tax Support for Canadian VAT & European VAT, TaxJar Updates, Search Performance Improvements View View Template Changes 9/16/2021
10.01.00/1 Customer Dashboard, Copy Product, Expanded Search Rules, Redis Caching, Line Item Sales Tax, TaxJar/Avatax Improvements, New Payment Actions for Order Workflows, Template Search & Replace module, Sort Order History By Status & Custom Fields View View Template Changes 6/30/2021
10.00.06 Bug Fixes View View None 2/17/2021
10.00.05 Category Manager, Customer Quick Add Action, Managed Quotes JSON API functions, Runtime Sorting by Custom Fields, Admin UI improvements View View Template Changes 2/9/2021
10.00.04 Webhooks support http basic auth, Volume discount table updates on variant change, Overselling Protection for Inventory at checkout, Support for Address Description during checkout, Weight is now updated when changing attributes, IP address is saved with orders, Additional logging, Google Analytics settings are Branch Specific View View Template Changes 12/17/2020
10.00.03 New Custom Field Type - PDF Upload, Amazon Marketplace Orders PII Data is Removed on Shipment View View None 11/4/2020
10.00.01/02 Bug Fixes View View None 9/22 & 9/25/2020
10.00.00 New Admin User Interfacet, Developer Tools, Sales Enablement Tools. Full Feature List View View Template Changes 9/22/2020
9.14.00 Braintree support for 3D Secure, Braintree support for Merchant Account ID, Bug Fixes View View No Template Changes 8/07/2019
9.13.00 Deferred Baskets, Combined CSS & JavaScript Resources, Subresource Intregrity, New Authorize.net Integration, Kount Support for MivaPay, Order Level Saved Cards, Copy Order, MivaPrint Q, New Customer Reset Password Flow, Deferred JavaScript View View View 4/17/2019
9.12.00 JSON API, Order Queues & Order Workflows, PayPal Smart Buttons, Updates to Braintree (JSv3), required 2-factor authentication for administrator users, Apple Pay Validation, Price Group Assignments via Template Code View View No Template Changes 10/30/2018
9.11.00 Enable Browser Verification for all admin users View View No Template Changes 8/14/2018
9.10.00 Additional 2-Factor Authentication (support for Yubikeys & Webauthn), Default User Groups, Browser Verification View View No Template Changes 7/10/2018
9.09.00 Square Bug Fix View View No Template Changes 04/02/2018
9.08.00 Square Integration, Combination Facets (Year/Make/Model), Kount Support (via braintree), muti-value custom fields, subscription reminder emails View View No Template Changes 03/15/2018
9.07.00 Facets, Search Preview/Improved Search, Abandoned Cart Emails, MailChimp Integration,Performance Enhancements for List View Pages, Admin Rich Text Editor, Control Price Groups By Category, Price Group Exclusions, Schedule Imports, Sort Admin List By Custom Fields, Timestamps View View View 10/16/2017
9.0006 MivaPay, Subscription Management, Scheduled Tasks, Feed Engine, Inventory at Checkout, Review Baskets, Marketplaces: Etsy, Google Shopping, Responsive Email Templates, Braintree Integration View View View 8/16/2016
9.0005 Digital Downloads, Customer Address Book, Reorder Tabs & Tab Groups, Payment Method Rules, Saved Admin Searches, Marketplace Support for eBay Motors / Amazon Europe, Credit Card Fraud Tools ( View release notes ) View View View 12/22/2015
9.0004 Wish Lists, Saved Baskets and Registries, All New SEO Functionality For Maximum URL Flexibility, Order, Customer and Business Account Notes, Support for UPS SurePost and UPS Freight, Support for FedEx One Rate View View View 7/29/2015
9.0003 Gift Certificates, Account Credit, New Sorting Controls, New Batch List Search, PO Box Restrictions, Multi-Add To Cart, Developer Seat & Reserved Seat, Marketplaces - Amazon View View View 4/13/2015
9.0002 Universal Search Bug Fixes   View None Required 1/08/2015
9.0001 Catalog Flyout Menu, Updated Google Analytics Module, Reverse Default Sort   View None Required 1/07/2015
9.0000 Brand New Admin Interface, ReadyThemes, Marketplaces, Enterprise-Grade Merchandising, Improved Navigation View View View 11/12/2014
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